Jake Kasdan confirms that it is in motion ‘Jumanji 4’


The classic from the 90 Jumanji he returned with success to the cinemas in 2017 with a new installment titled Jumanji: Welcome to the jungleand , in turn, had another sequel in 2019, which also triumphed in the cinemas: Jumanji: Next Levelbut there will not be the saga.

In a recent interview, the director of both sequels Jake Kasdan confirmed that Jumanji 4 is already in development, that is to say, the third installment of this new stage:

We are starting to talk about all of that, and the truth is that we have barely begun. We were starting to have a conversation before this calamity in global and we will keep as soon as everything has settled. We all love working together and we have been delighted to do so. For me, what has always been the most critical when speaking of a sequel, first film and now the possibility of another sequel is that it would be exciting by itself in a way that is comparable to what the first two were for me. Would love the idea as well. So I think there will be a third and we are only in the first few days to try to discover what we want to do.

It is logical that with the success of the latest films want to continue squeezing this phenomenon of cinema, and it is not us who grumble-per-view Jumanji 4since each installment has managed to get fully into a world of adventure and fun.

The last to arrive to the cinemas has been Jumanji: Next Levelstarring the gang formed by Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillanand incorporating the iconic Danny DeVito and Danny Glover to overcome the next level.

Source: Collider