James Charles is harshly criticized by joining this controversial challenge


James Charles go back and do a topic of conversation on social media, after starring in one of the scandals, the most notorious in the world of makeup with Tati Westbrook, now the beauty vlogger becomes a focus of negative criticism by joining a controversial challenge.

The new trend which he joined James went to the ‘Mugshot Challenge’, which tries to recreate or imitate a photograph, criminal, OMG! James decided to share a few photographs in which you appear with the black eye and blood in the nose, I with the help of your knowledge in the makeup.

The photos quickly generated comments negative crossing out the beauty vlogger was buried, as a girl in public:“I don’t understand why this would be a trend. I love James, but it is not fun to have bruises on the face and not be able to hide them…”

To which James replied: “Hello, carió, I am sorry that you passed by lake so horrible and traumatic. It is a trend in TikTok circulating, where people post their ‘mug shots’ and has nothing to do with domestic violence. I love you”

As the intense discussion that he had with his followers is caused by the fight against female violence for which they have been fighting for women recently.