Jay Z donates face cloths to prisoners against the coronavirus


The rappers Jay-Z and Meek Millthrough its organization Reform Alliancemade the a donation of 100 thousand face cloths for inmates and staff in some prisons of the united States.

The people in prison belong to one of the sectors most affected and likely to get the coronavirusabove all , by the impediment of complying with the social distancing.

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Surgical masks will be sent to the state penitentiary Mississippi as well as the Department of Corrections Tennessee, also to the Correctional facility of Rikers Island, New York.

Also another factor that becomes vulnerable to this sector is the lack of water, soap, and the low supply of tissues and toilet paper as well as hand sanitizers, as they are considered contraband in many installations due to its high levels of alcohol.

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It should be noted that the united States is the country with the most confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world until now, registers 302 thousand 641-infected, and 8 thousand 232 deceased.

New York in the city with the most infections, your statistic sheds 113 thousand 704 cases and 3 thousand 565 deaths.