Jedet opinion on the controversy of the character trans Belén Cuesta in ‘The house of paper’


One of the issues most commented these past few days, leaving to one side all the information about the state of the pandemic, it is the controversy over the role of the actress Belen Cuesta in the fourth season of The house of paper, Netflix premiered last Friday.

In this batch of episodes, the actress Belen Cuesta plays a transgender woman, something that has not gone unnoticed to the many followers of the series, the collective trans and all those struggling actors and actresses cisgénero not interpret characters trans in fiction.

A controversy is already lived in by other performers such as Paco León, for his role in The house of flowers, or the very Scarlett Johansson who refused to interpret a man trans after a wave of criticism.

While the nets were positioned in two camps, those who defend it Costs, and who think that this only hinders the way for the rights of the collective trans, personalities as Jedet have posted what they think about it.

The influenceractress and singer trans has gone up several stories to Instagram in which, responding to questions from his followers he gave his opinion about this debate. “I think that hopefully one day the actresses transgender to have the same opportunities that the actresses cisgénero, but unfortunately there is still much to be done. At least Bethlehem is not a guy with a wig doing a trans, that’s what I appreciate”.

Jedet is one of the protagonists of Poisonthe series of Javis who has made history in our fiction. Not only because of the great reception that has had its first episode, or remembering the life of one of the trans women is more iconic of our country, but take it a step further by the rights of the collective and have a number of trans people in the cast and the technical team of the shoot.

The Javis are very familiar with this topic. Beyond the great work that assumes Poisonremember that in a chapter of the third season of Paquita Roomsseries in which the own Bethlehem Slope is the main protagonist, tried a controversy similar to the one that is stirring with the sevillian actress, and was standing in favor of the collective trans.

Jedet is not the only one that has wanted to give his opinion. Amor Romeira has posted a video on Instagram in which he explains why it is a mistake that Bethlehem does it Cost to interpret this role. “This character is a girl trans played by a biological female. Can say that is an actress and is playing… Error. When a character requires it to be black, we’re going to tend to people of african race. I cannot imagine an actor pintándose the entire body of black. Nor do I imagine an actor putting tape on the eyes to look asian. Are signs of identity that cannot be interpreted”, has disappointed.

As a counterpoint, the protagonist of the controversy, has defended the view that “lto fight should be that actors and actresses transgender have access to papers of all kinds. Andshe is a trans woman and I cis, but in the end what I’m interpreting is a woman, and that’s what we have to go, to remove tags instead of continue”.