Jennifer Aniston confesses to what his former closely follows on Instagram


The actress has always felt very proud of having their exnovios among his best friends

Jennifer Aniston confesses to what his former closely follows on Instagram

Jennifer Aniston.

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Anyone who has not fallen never into the temptation of browse the social networks of your ex, cast the first stone. Not even celebrities are protected from falling into temptation and Jennifer Aniston also closely follows the wanderings of one of their former partners sentimental.

It is nothing more and nothing less than the musician John Mayer, with whom he had an affair, intermittently, in 2008, during the time in which he still it was considered one of the biggest heartthrob in the world of entertainment.

In the last few weeks the singer has been conducting a series of direct Instagram graduates ‘Current Mood’ and the former protagonist of ‘Friends‘ it has been connected to see at least one of them.

Several of the followers of Mayer realized that a verified account left a message for the live broadcast of the Sunday and were a great surprise to discover that it was the Jennifer. The interpreter could not resist to react with three icons of a smiley to a comment very critical of himself that your ex was while he spoke of the composer Bill Withers, that he passed away last march 30.

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Bill Withers was one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. His thinking was so clean, so spotless. I saw the world with such clarity, and could communicate his point of view in the most eloquent, vivid way. Everything I ever heard him say was sage and useful. Bill Withers was good to the world, and I was good for the world. I wrote music as primal and spiritually necessary as psalms. His songs will live forever, and they will continue to make us better, more realized people. Even though I’ve stepped away from the stage years ago, I have continued to move and inspire people through his brilliant interactions with them. He will be so missed, and you can be sure that when we can gather again, we will sing out and celebrate him. He will be missed and cherished forever. ❤️

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“Everything that came out of his mouth was important. All that I say, only 4 percent is useful; in your case, one hundred percent of the things he said were pure wisdom,” said the interpreter, getting still a chuckle in his home the actress.

What is certain is that Jennifer she has always been very proud of having their exnovios among his best friends and, although her romance with John Mayer was relatively brief, they have continued to maintain a mutual affection that does not try to hide, so he probably did not worry him to know that once in a when you ‘cotillea’ your Instagram.