Jennifer Aniston reveals the disorder that you suffer from


What how is the quarantine of Jennifer Aniston?, apparently it is terrifying for the actress has revealed that is suffering from a disorder that complicates too much the fact of staying at home.

It was in an interview Jummy Kimmel that Aniston revealed that suffers from some decades ago of agoraphobia, apparently a term is not very well known.

I am agorafóbica of birth. This is a kind of dream, not a dream, obviously, is a nightmare. But, personally, there has been a great challenge for me to be at home, shared.

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The agoraphobia is to have fear of places and situations that can lead to panic, helplessness, or shame; and so the isolation is not very pleasant for people who suffer from it.

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What is more challenging is to listen to the news and try to digest everything that is going on. I would do it for a while in the morning and another at night, and that’s all, he added.

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In addition to Jen confessed who your company in these days of quarantine, their dogs and nothing more.

You’re not only washing dishes, but that you’re washing your hands. I was crazy ordering everything the first week, and then I realized that I had to go little by little because I was going to be without lockers, he told about what he is doing at home.