Jennifer Aniston sends unexpected message to an ex during live broadcast


LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES.- The Hollywood actress, Jennifer Anistonsurprised John Mayer, one of their exnovios, while he was doing a live broadcast from your account of Instagram and his fans went crazy.

Mayer was talking about Bill Withers, who passed away a few days ago, when his ex-girlfriend appeared and we left several emojis laughing.

“I never saw the man betraying his principles, or being a fan of him, nor when I met him in person. Never,” said the singer.

“Whether he was talking to someone or giving an interview, 15, 14 or 13 years ago, everything they said was useful. The 4% of the things I say are useful, in change in him was 100 per cent,” said Mayer when Aniston appeared.

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The followers of the musician took the time and took screenshots of that in a little time viralizaron in the social networks.

Aniston and Mayer they were sweethearts in 2008 for a little over a year, but despite their breakup, the couple decided to keep a close friendship.

Up to now it is unknown what he meant to say, the exprotagonista of Friends with the emojis.