Jennifer Lawrence sent a message to his followers and the confused with a robot


With the intention of sending a message to his followers to invite slab to vote, Jennifer Lawrenceapparently it was supplanted by a robotas for their followerswho you admire and know, his voice was not real.

Some days ago, Lawrence invited to their fans in United States to vote for e-mail to promote the primary election way virtual, and as well choose a candidate who will fight against Trump in the upcoming elections.

However, and to the surprise of many, his message was affected by the appearance of the actress who, by the quality of the camera, it seemed like a robot or a animation that represented it.

Jennifer Lawrence he stressed the importance of exerting pressure for which primary elections are not delayed, since that would lead to that Donald Trump stay more time, because the pandemic the covid-19 you have hit the United States.

This is the funny video of Jennifer Lawrence in your role of robot:

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