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One of the first sentimental relations public Joe Jonas starred in was next to Amanda Michalka, an actress and singer. The artists met in their younger years and had a short romance; however, this relationship inspired one of the songs more sad for the talented songwriter.

The member of the duo Aly & AJ and had been receiving a lot of questions on social networks about one of their songs, because the fans believed that the letter coincided with some of the details of his relationship with brother Nick Jonas.

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“Potential brake up song” is one of the most popular topics of Amanda Michalka and part of the essay talks about an incident during his birthday. In a statement, the artist said that ever sent a piece of her birthday cake to Joe Jonas because this forgot to congratulate you.

Aly & AJ on Twitter

The young actress was ordered to disprove these suspicions, but it revealed which of his songs if he was inspired by the part of the Jonas Brothers. “Flattery” is the production that the interpreter ended up mentioning it on Twitter.

Joe Jonas, Amanda Michalka

This topic talks about the estrangement of a partner, and the emotional damage left behind by this romantic experience.”I can’t forgive, I can not forget. You left Me here with all these wounds,” says part of the chorus.

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AJ Michalka confesses that his first kiss was with Joe Jonas

The young artist said in an interview alongside her sister Aly, who is also part of the duo, that the current pair of Sophie Turner was the person with whom he had his first kiss.

Joe Jonas, Amanda Michalka

“No one knows that he was my first kiss, I’m sure that the same thing happened with him (…). We were together for a year,” said AJ Michalka on his short romance with Joe Jonas.