Justin Bieber prays in Instagram


The singer Justin Bieber officially announced to be a follower of Jesus in 2018. These days of Holy Week, in the midst of the global crisis of the pandemic coronavirus, has acknowledged his gratitude to God for his forgiveness and for the many things he gives us.

Currently Bieber is serving the mandatory quarantine along with his wife Hailey Baldwin (also a christian). Both of you are attending the Hillsong church., and Justin continues with his recording projects after leaving the label for at least four years.

Through its official account of Instagram published yesterday a very beautiful landscape, accompanied by the following words: “Thank you God for this day. Thank you for the sun, the trees, the grass, the birds, the food, the water, thank you for being able to have a relationship with you, thanks for having us forgiven for all that we have done. Thank you because today is a new beginning. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME LIFE! I LOVE YOU JESUS”.

Since some time ago, Justin Bieber, has made candid confessions on their social networks. He apologized for the treatment that it gave to women in the past, in his earliest youth. According to said, there was a time that I was resentful and took bad decisions because they did harm to the people in their environment and in relations of friendship or love.

In 2018, explained, “You saw that I had plenty of money, clothes, cars, praise, wins, awards, and continued to be unsatisfied. What are the statistics of child stars and how it could impact this fame in their lives? There is a pressure of madness and put on them a huge responsibility.” At the same time, acknowledged the use of drugs.

In a new life and a close relationship with God, the interpreter of songs such as “I Dont Care” or “Baby”, has started on a new road.