Kelly Clarkson admits that she is tired of listening to the biggest hit of John Legend


Kelly Clarkson and John Legend are pretty close since they have worked together on The Voice for some years. But Clarkson had to be really honest and reveal that they are tired of listening to his greatest success. Discover what he said about the need of a break and more.

Kelly Clarkson and John Legend had the same reason to join “The Voice”

Kelly Clarkson, John Legend of “The voice” | Evans Vestal Ward / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via .

Clarkson and Legend are the judges that are relatively new. Both have victories under their belt and are training again for the season to 18. The legend revealed by what he likes to do The Voice.

“It’s fun, and is an opportunity to be at home,” said Legend to People. “You can work in Los Angeles, where you live, and I can see my kids all the time. In reality it is quite nice. “

Clarkson also mentioned how their children come to work with her. “My children love to come to see not to see me, but to see Carson [Daly]Children or Gwen [Stefani]”They are children because they go to school together,” he said before joking, “I’d love to think that they come to see me, but don’t do it!”

Legend and Clarkson launched a new version of “Baby Sti Cold Outside”

The coaches recently collaborated to launch a new version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” for the album of Legend, Legendary Christmas. Decided to change the original lyrics.

The new letter is “I Really can’t stay (Baby it’s cold outside) / I’ve got to go (I can call you a ride) / This evening has been (Very happy that you have arrived) / Very nice ( for The time spent with you is paradise) / My mother will start to worry (I’ll call a car and I will tell you that rush through jobs) ”.

There was a violent reaction to the change the song of winter. Legend addressed in a programme of interviews.

“We knew that there was some controversy around the original letters, and saw with the eyes of 2019, we thought it would be fun to do a new version, make it fun, upgrade the letters to be more current. So we talked about the services of shared rides, and we make a joke like: “why are you still living at home with your mother?”, Said Legend to Jimmy Fallon.

Clarkson said he needs a break from “All of Me”

Clarkson did the “Last Dab Challenge” with Sean Evans of Hot Ones in her program, The Kelly Clarkson Show. A fellow coach of The Voice asked him to name a song that you never want to hear again.

“Now this is not because there is a great song, it’s because you ruined when you touch it too much,” he explained. “I love you John Legend, I love” All of Me “but I need a minute. I don’t want to listen to it for a minute, just a minute, and then I’ll be fine “, she replied.

Legend wrote “All of Me” for his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and was released in 2013. She was also in the music video of the song. It was certainly popular, but it has been a while since the peak of its popularity. Clarkson apparently you need a longer break.