Kendall Jenner always knew that Justin and Hailey Bieber would end up together


With the history of the love of Justin Bieber and the ups and downs that his courtship with Hailey Baldwinthe formalization of their relationship through marriage was something that came as a surprise to many, even to the same Hailey, who confessed to have called their parents to honestly tell him if they considered that I was making the wrong decision.

This was also the case of the model Kendall Jenner, whom he confessed to Justin that his commitment was taken by surprise, but at the same time made her very happy. The girl said that, although had not thought much about it, in the background I had always had good wishes for that relationshiphoping that they could establish a life together.

Although during his time of being married, Justin and Hailey have faced a series of difficulties as the comments about the way in which the singer behaves with it, the disease that affects Bieber and the drastic change in his appearance, both are still going strong in the strength that holds their relationship and the mutual support that have been able to be provided.

Close to its second anniversary, this couple has not been spared the attention of the media, but also he has told his version of things through the documentary ‘Seasons’ the singer has released via YouTube.