Kim Kardashian attacks his sister to the shock and filter the video


Socialite Kim Kardashian attacks to strokes to her sister Kourtney Kardashian in full recording of your tv program “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. After it was made public the video of the fight to blows, Kourtney Kardashian you decide to no longer continue to participate in the reality show.

The video became viral in social networks, so Kim Kardashian came out to give their statements with regard to what had happened. According to his words, his sister Kourney presented to the recordings of the program reluctantly and was with bad attitude to the people who work behind the scenes.

During the program Jimmy Fallonthe socialite Kim Kardashian spoke a little bit about how is your current relationship with your sister Kourtney, and what will happen with the program after that Kourtney decided to no longer record along with his sisters.

“I never really resort to violence like that, but she scratched so strong, you have not seen, but he was bleeding. Then, when I looked at my arm and saw that I had scratched, I just walked up, and the abofeteé”. Expressed Kim Kardashian in the program of Jimmy Fallon.

“I feel a lot of resentment accumulated Kourtneyshe really does not want to burn. It is not the type of person who takes a decision and says: ‘Ok boys, I’m Not going to shoot’. But she came to work with an attitude every day, to get even with everyone, from the members of production down to us”. Revealed Kim Kardashian in the interview with Jimmy Fallon.

In the advancement of the 18 va season of the reality show, is seen as Kourtney he throws a plastic bottle to Kim, who immediately gets up and hits his sister. “You have nothing to say”, he yells angry Kourtney pointing with a finger to Kim, who answered “I Never ever treat like that.”