Kim Kardashian make up, and their daughter North West the surprise


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Kim Kardashian it was a tutorial of a glamorous makeover for their fans, when their eldest daughter, North West, decided to make an appearance improvised. The founder of SKIMS shared a beauty routine in the home, due to the quarantine in the midst of the global pandemic of COVID-19.

Filming the video in his bathroom, Kim prepared a light and proceeded to add makeup to your fresh face, courtesy of the brand KKW Beauty. While mixing your concealer, the instant celebrity he noticed someone from the corner of my eye. “Is it time for physical education?”, shouted Kim while using a makeup sponge to make sure it looked perfect.

Soon, North he stood up, still in pajamas, with his beautiful hair naturally curly. “So, what are you doing, are you doing yoga?” he asked Kim your six year old daughter. After stealing the attention of the video of her mother, the girl explained to him how I was going to do their physical education.

“You know, I want to do… maybe Sonic, or Pokémon, or Elsa,” remarked North. Kim he simply said “ok”, and in the box below, North left, presumably to do their activity. Kim, her husband Kanye West and their three other children, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, have been in their home for several weeks.

And North has taken advantage of all the opportunities to entertain completely to his famous mother. In his history of Instagram on march 13, Kim highlighted the clear talent of the North to the architecture after which was built with success a small house for her dolls.