Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and other female entrepreneurs of beauty come together to address the coronavirus eint | Shows


Celebrities from the entertainment unite to fight against the advance of the COVID-19. Artists such as Kylie Jenner, Drew Barrymore, and Victoria Beckham, who are also the founders of various brands of beauty, they decided to get together to provide the implements of health to thousands of workers in the first line of response.

The initiative was publicized by the younger sister of the clan Kardashian through your account Instagramplatform in which he stressed the willingness of his colleagues entrepreneurs to combat the pandemic.

YOU CAN SEE Kim Kardashian will donate a million dollars to affected by coronavirus

“I’m happy to aliarme with my fellow founders of beauty brands to support doctors, nurses and all health workers in the defence lines. We are very thankful for all the heroes that put their lives at risk to save ours,” said the young billionaire.

Kylie Jenner on Instagram

Kylie Jenner said that this union was made with the aim of submitting materials required for the protection of the medical staff. “Together, we will donate essential implements and a contribution to the emergency fund,” he said on the platform.

YOU CAN SEE Coronavirus: Kylie Jenner donates a million dollars to purchase medical supplies

The entrepreneurs, which also include Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow, they encourage their followers and fans to make their own donations.

Kylie Jenner is named the multi-billion dollar younger for a second time

The socialite was awarded the same title for two consecutive years. The latest edition of Forbes magazine includes a list of american women with the largest fortunes.

Kylie Jenner (Photo: AFP)

Kylie Jennerwith only 21 years, he holds the label of the billion dollar more a young man with a fortune of their own. The model forged her beauty company from scratch and up to the time invoice dollar amounts for the sale of their products.