Kylie Jenner makeup Kim Kardashian for a special from home


LOS ANGELES (united States).- With a home large enough, to Kylie Jenner it is good to go out and take in the sun while remaining isolated on the coronavirus. The magnate of cosmetics were relaxed in their pool of Hidden Hills, and shared the video through their stories of Instagram.

After that clip, it showed a close up of the water swirling through your hot tub. Even ate lunch outside, as in the next slide Ky showed two delicious cheeseburgers with buns toasted: “My burgers are beautiful”.

Kylie she has been doing her part to stay in your property, in the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus. But broke the self-isolation to help the sister Kim Kardashian how to apply makeup for an appearance on the edition home of Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show on march 31.

Given that Kim is also doing everything possible to distance himself, he didn’t have his squad glam and requested the help of Kylie. Gathered at the home of the mother Kris Jenner to minimize contact with others, as Kim you have a husband, Kanye West, and four small children in the house.

After your day next to the swimming pool, had become the work for Kylie, but not with its work than cosmetic. In a new slide, I said to the fans who went to Twitter to tweet live along with an episode of the Thursday of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.