Kylie Jenner reveals her real hair, and surprises to his fans on Instagram


The famous and talented Kylie Jenner participated in the live broadcast of Jimmy fallon, who has already some days doing your program from your home, since you can’t get without entertain his beloved audience.

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The young entrepreneur decided to say his hair natural to surprise their fans.

It seems that the kardashians are also being very affected by this social isolation, because usually spend outside of home, whether travelling or enjoying his fame and money, so that this closure is affecting them a little more than the normal person.

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It has even been seen that they have much less tolerance, for in its publications has been given to notice this situation.

The famous socialite participated in the program of faloon where Kim Kardashian said that was going a few days without their children and used the room exclusively for your mom which you have at home.

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In this space, Kylie Jenner showed that it has a few great gifts for the makeup professional, as the practical thing with Kim. And not just to pass the time but because the wife of kanye West doesn’t know makeup.

And to prove your skills as the owner of a cosmetic company, Kylie showed just how important it is for her and the time you have dedicated to learn.

However, with all this movement there emerged a revelation, very important, because Kylie decided to leave the makeup and wigs showing their true mane and impacting to all their fans.

Because I wanted to give a breather to your skin and to their routines, as we saw the fashion expert and make-up without wig revealing his true image.