Laurita Fernandez broke it, dancing as Britney Spears and received an unexpected message


After a few days of low mood and catársis with his followers, Laurita Fernandez is back wanting to share videos of moments strongest of their quarantine, as when it is encouraged recreate the iconic choreography of Britney Spears.

On Instagram, Laurita showed his talent is undisputed for the dance to the rhythm of I’m A Slave 4Uone of the most successful pop star, launched in the year 2001. Impossible not to remember the video clip of this song, which included, in addition to a sensual dance, a snake albino.

This choreo marked my adolescence“he said,” Laurita together with the video, that you made in your connected home with a coach a friend in the early stage of the quarantine, “when I still thought that they were going to be a few days”. “So we had fun to the night. Barefoot pa’ not to disturb the neighbors. Oh, and the program swept away the background”, explained the dancer.

The clip received the approval nothing less than Brian Friedman, the choreographer behind I’m a Slave 4 U and other hits of Britney, as Toxic and Me Against The Music. Also worked with Beyoncé, Cher and NSYNC. “YAS,” wrote the dancer, a variation of “wow”.

Days after this clip, Laurita had that move of urgency to the house of Nicolás Cabré on a Pillar because he was left without water in their department.

As told, these last days were not as high as the night that sounded like Britney in the living room: “No, it happens that there are days that the bear barbarian and other you feel for the ort..”, he asked.

Laurita Fernández started the quarantine well up but now is wanting nothing (Instagram)
Laurita Fernández started the quarantine well up but now is wanting nothing (Instagram)