LeBron James and his family return to dancing to TikTok


LOS ANGELES (united States).- LeBron James and his family fell, once more, in the sweetness of TikTok. Bryce, Savannah, Bronny and Zhurila bind the athlete to a choreography captured in the famous and interactive social network.

To the beat of “Toosie Slide” of Drake, the youngest daughter of LeBron, Zhuri, showed his flexibility. The small stretched out their legs fully in the ground. Then, the whole family began to dance, kicking and gliding in harmony.

It was another fun activity that the family James had the opportunity to do, while they are on quarantine in his California home, in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus. But this is not the first challenge TikTok that the family has done.

LeBronhis wife and their three children lined up to do the challenge “Something New” in TikTok. With the song of Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla Sign, LeBron began the train dance, followed by Bronny, Savannah, Bryce, and finally ended with the little Zhuri.

LeBron, known to be close to and proud of his family, has presented in the social networks what you have been doing with their children. However, it is Zhuri the more you steal the attention of their fans, with their dose of tenderness.