Liam Hemsworth has exceeded its divorce of Miley making exercise!


After separating from Miley Cyrus in August of 2019, Liam Hemsworth is kept super discreet about the whole thing. To escape the scandal, the gentleman of 30 years moved with his family to Australia to “rebuild”. Now finally broke the silence and revealed that he surpassed his divorce by doing exercise.

Liam and Miley broke down in August of 2019, after 10 years of relationship and only 8 months of marriage. While Cyrus enjoyed her romance with Kaitlynn Carter and later with Cody Simpson, he only retired to the house of his brother Chris Hemsworth to heal the wounds.

In a recent interview, the heartthrob of ‘The Hunger Games’ spoke out about her divorce, new projects and a new body that is loaded!

“What reconstruction? Yes, that is a good way of saying it” noted the actor on the cover of Men’s Health Australia.

Liam account that the gym has played a crucial role to overcome the end of their marriage. The australian had to prepare for his role in the new series ‘Most Dangerous Game’, from Quibi. Step, took that motivation to stop thinking about Miley, take out the stress and build a true ‘revenge body’.

“I spent the better part of the project running the streets and being beaten also. But it was great because it kept me in motion. I was doing about 10 [kilómetros] per day or something like that at one point, which I’ve never done in my life,” said Hemsworth.

The younger brother of ‘Thor’ he said that he is proud of his physical transformation and grateful, because that gave him a shelter and kept him focused while her personal life was a chaos.

“These last six months, honestly, to keep my head level and keep me balanced, I would say that the exercise has been very important for me,” added the actor.

Coach Liam, Jason Walsh, told the same media that his client endured harsh training sessions. However, he stressed that the most important thing has been the new attitude, peace of mind and happiness of the actor.

“I can’t believe how well your body responds when you’re not going through things. I had not seen him so happy in a long time. We took advantage of that,” said the coach.

Perhaps that joy is due in part to his romance with model Gabriella Brooks, who comes out from December 2019, after a brief flirtation with the atriz Madisson Brown.

“[Liam]feels more at home with Gabriella that with Miley, and feels he can be himself without any drama,” said a source to UsWeekly.

“Gabriella helped Liam to increase his confidence and played a role in encouraging in his life after his split with Miley. They are very happy together, is comfortable and easy,” added the informant.

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I wish we could all overcome a shine like Liam Hensworth get yours from Miley Cyrus: moving to Australia with Chris Hemsworth, exercising until you have a hot body and ride of romance with a model.