Madonna donated $1 million to the fight against the Covid-19 (+Video)


Madonna donated a million dollars for the development of the accelerator therapeutic COVID-19 Gates Philanthropy Partners (Initiative promoted by the billionaire Bill Gates), as confirmed by a representative of the organization to the Variety magazine.

“His contribution is coupled with the commitments of the Gates Foundation, Wellcome, Mastercard, the Uk Government and the Initiative of Chan Zuckerberg: all the partners of the initiative,” said the representative.

“The money will go through the Response Fund COVID-19 operated by Gates Philanthropy Partners, so that is not directly dependent on the Gates Foundation”, he added.

In a statement on her website, Madonna wrote: “I join the efforts of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to find a medication that will prevent or try COVID-19. We need this to protect our health care workers, the most vulnerable and to all our friends and family.

Madonna donated a million

Madonna said: “I Am very impressed with the work of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and the urgent efforts of his program ‘COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator’; in order to find new drugs or existing that can prevent or treat the disease effectively”.

“Leveraging the strength and knowledge of the research community; the scientific progress critical Accelerator tell you how to put an end to this pandemic and to prevent the future impact of the virus,” added the singer.

“I am sending you a huge gratitude and strength to the brave first responders: medical and scientific professionals that protect our communities, the suffering and the most vulnerable,” said Madonna.

An excerpt from an update on the progress of the “Accelerator” posted on its website says: “There are two tests that start almost simultaneously; using chloroquine and a drug with a slightly different structure, hydroxychloroquine”.

In addition, there is an initiative called “Test of SOLIDARITY”, who was announced two weeks ago; my that aims to analyze the chloroquine as a treatment for sick people, to see if it shortens the duration of your illness.

The two studies of the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator are analyzing the prophylaxis, avoiding that persons exposed to the virus from getting sick.

Information: ACN|Variety|Networks

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