Maluma confirms to be a curious company in this quarantine


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The reguetonero he returned to his native Colombia to pass the isolation social in your house and, in addition, it revealed to have a companion for these days solo.

During an interview for the digital agenda “Wake up America” you asked who it would be this special person accompanying social distancing. In reality, the famous colombian artist confessed that he is accompanied by his family, and a doll that he bought a short time ago.

“I’m with my mom, my sister, my best friend and girlfriend, I and Mirella, that is the wrist” replied Maluma between laughs about a figure female of decoration that was purchased for your home. “I bought it and arrived a little bit. I have it down and it is my company for this quarantine.”

A week ago, the interpreter of “Happy 4” presented to “Mirella” to all your followers on Instagram. Through a video, the singer expressed that the doll would be his company in the quarantine.

“Now if I present my company to this quarantine, little thing beautiful,” he wrote in the publication.

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On the routine of home, Maluma claimed to have returned to his childhood, when he devoted himself to doing the housework in home.

In that same line, he also said that his family only prepares basic things for the power in this quarantine.

“We warmed up and also the beans with rice, arepa, cheese, and good coffee. Basic things, like that I have returned to my childhood that I woke up, I had to reach my bed, wash the dishes, organize my closet,” said wake up America. “I don’t have any lady in the service that I’m helping, in these moments, that is why team work also.”