Matt LeBlanc reveals the strangest thing happened on ‘Friends’


The 22 of September of 1994 took place the first broadcast of the american series Friends, produced by NBC. The television program was about the comings and goings of a group of friends who lived in New York, all under a tone comical. The sitcom it would last for 10 seasons until the cessation of its broadcast on 6 may 2004 and it was a resounding success all over the world, becoming actors in their main cast in true stars of television. The cast of the original series had Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer.

Now Matt LeBlanc, who gave life to Joey in fiction, he has spoken to the talk show singer Kelly Clarkson and this asked about which was the anecdote more rare that it happened while shooting for the legendary sitcom of the NBC. The actor commented to the presenter that the more surreal that he lived was a day while I was at home and saw on tv that a helicopter was filming his house.

The actor was astonished to see his house and said the following: “I Remember once I was watching the news and, for some reason, they had a screen divided into six parts. Each one contained a take in direct of each of our homes, with pictures taken from a helicopter. What I was seeing and had not information or news, only show the houses”, explained laughing.

After this, he continued telling the story and said the end of what happened between laughter: “I looked at my house and I thought: ‘Shit, I need a new roof…’. So when it was the helicopter I took a ladder and went up”.

Meeting of the ‘Friends’

HBO announced that they were planning a special episode of ‘Friends’ where they show all the characters 25 years after the completion of the series, Matt also spoke about it during the interview and said that it was in post-production: “The six of us got together and we talked of old times. We put together the band without the instruments”.