Meadow, the daughter of Paul Walker shared a video unpublished of his father to remember him



It’s been more than 6 years since Paul Walker lost his life in a tragic accident.

Their fans continue to honor his memory and his family as he continues to remind each moment, by what her daughter shared a video inédito where you see a tender side of Paul.

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The death of Paul Walker hit full Hollywood. The actor passed away at 40 years old, after being in a car accident in Santa Clarita, California, on November 30, 2013.

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His only daughter, Meadow Walker, has not stopped the image of his father to remain in oblivion. Often, shares with the audience the special moments you lived at the side of Paul.


The 21 year old posted a video never seen by the fans of Paul. There, Meadow frightens his dad out of a door while he yells, “Hello, happy birthday!!!”, that generated a laugh in the protagonist of The Fast and The Furious. Subsequently, give a tender hug.

“I never thought that I would share this. But it feels good. I know good. I love you. Stay safe”.

Meadow looks to her father to be remembered as he was: a man gifted who spread their joy to all who were close to him.


And that’s just what you can see in the video clip, which has generated an emotional response in fans of Paul


In the publication you can read some of the comments moving, like the model Mekenna Bree, with whom Meadow holds a friendship:

“I’m glad you posted this, so I can see time and time again, when you need it. As I said last night, this is my favorite aspect of the two of you. By God, your smile and your laughter can brighten up the day with the most rain. The strange thing. I love you girl”.

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Meadow was just 15 years old when Paul died, so it was a hard blow for her. And although he has already come out of the mourning stage, then take any opportunity to send messages to your dad and to connect with the people who loved him.


Often, the young man published photos of his childhood, where he appears by the side of the actor, leaving to see what was so great was his affection.


In addition, she is at the front of The Paul Walker Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to bring education to the neediest sectors. Meadow created this institution to honor the wishes of his father by helping vulnerable populations.


One thing is clear: the memory of Paul Walker will always be present.

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