Miley Cyrus unleashes the teasing for your hair cut as “Tiger King”


The exestrella of the Disney Channel turned to surprise their fans on social networks with a strange hair cut

During the quarantine by coronavirus, are the several celebrities that take advantage of the contingency to make more enjoyable the time of their fans. Miley Cyrus it has been one of the most active in social networks in the last few weeks, with a programme of interviews with various stars.

Through your account Instagramthe singer of 27 years has grabbed the spotlight with Bright Minded. Miley Cyrus she has interviewed several figures in the world of the show, and Millie Bobby Brown it was one of the last to appear in this project.

During the transmission, what most caught the attention of his followers was the particular hair cut worn Miley Cyrus. Immediately, users in social networks is commissioned to create an endless number of memes regarding the look of the actress and a popular character of Netflix.

In the interview Millie Bobby Brown, Cyrus appeared with a dog that sparked ridicule on social networks. Internet users compared to the exestrella Disney Channel with Joe Exoticthe protagonist of the documentary series Netflix, Tiger King.

The look of the singer impressed his fans, with a cutting of hair in a somewhat asymmetrical in the part of the nape of the neck, and a tassel that did remember the protagonist Tiger King. Since then, Miley Cyrus has become accustomed to her fans to show off their mane with different styles of crazy.