Millie Bobby Brown breaks down in TikTok with this version of “Imagine” by John Lennon


Millie Bobby Brown, who has a love-hate relationship with social networks, has given a lesson to the haters of the internet, each time the attack for some reason.

It turns out that a few weeks ago, the actress Gal Gadot, known for starring in “Wonder Woman”, he shared a log in the saw a bunch of celebrities singing “Imagine” by John Lennon.

Then he began to share a cover of anonymous people singing the iconic song and these videos will be slipped into the Millie, which although young, anonymous has nothing. It was a clip recorded in 2016 when the actress wore the hair short and was just a child. In short, that he was unrecognizable.

The users of social networks quickly realized that it was the protagonist of “Stranger Things” and began to share the video, laughing in addition to the vocal ability of little Millie.

So now the young actress has shut up all those haters who have been getting into with her, making fun of how he sang when it was only a little girl. And what has made reinterpreting “Imagine” of a majestic form, version that you shared on Tik Tok.

@milliebobbybrown##youmaysayimadreamer … k bye xx

I original sound – milliebobbybrown

Millie knew how to silence these people unpleasant that they were attacking for no reason, and without doubt did it the best way. The artist, who only has 16 years, has confessed on several occasions that the taunts on the internet affect you so much and that will cause anxiety attacks.