MIPTV Online+ 2020: Wunderman Thompson presented the annual report “The Future 100”


The annual report “100 Trends and Change to Watch in 2020of Wunderman Thompson highlighted for MIPTV Online+ 100 new trends in fields like marketing, culture, travel, even in financial affairs throughout the world. In him, have a special relevance to the social discourses of global reach such as peace and gender equity, the subject of ‘multi-verses’ and the conception of space and time in narrative audiovisual.

In the culture section, Stafford he emphasized “the Redefinition of the time”, where the executive said that the theme of time and the consumption are increasingly ‘hand in hand’ in many sectors of daily life. ‘The manner in which to address the time it is evolving, as consumers adopt new habits “on demands”, and they distribute their time more freely’, he said.

In this section, the consultant added that time management will be increasingly present in what we use day-to-day: ‘what began as a bar to move forward or backward a content, is turning to contents that are permanently deleted, ” he added Staffordat the same time highlighted by the streaming service Quibi, which stands out for delivering content to be of short duration. ‘Big companies and the content providers are paying increasing attention to consumers’, he said.

Another of the issues that the executive touched on in the section culture is that of the ‘Multi-verses’, a conception inspired by projections ‘dystopian’ from the literature and technological advances. In this line said that will be a theme of inspiration and that will be very present in artists, designers, and experimenters, who are creating alternative realities infinite where ‘time, space, energy and matter collide’.

He highlighted some examples that use the theme of ‘Multi-verses’ as a narrative thread, among them, emphasized the science fiction series original Netflix, Russian Dollscreated by Amy Phoehler (Parks and Recretations and Saturday Night Liveand starring Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the new black), which follows a young woman who repeats time and time again the same night, in the city of New York; he also mentioned the video game-based VR, Facebook Horizon, which proposes the creation of an avatar and a world created by the player himself.

Another point that he highlighted is that of the social issues in different media, where he mentioned the new wave of influencers, personalities, women, and LGBTIQ+ in the sporting arena and as these are filling in the narratives of television and consumption. At this point he mentioned personalities like Greta Thunbergthe young environmental activist, and the instagramer Matt Bernsteinwho, says the consultant, ‘encourage content providers to touch most current topics’. Among the more recent cases of the TV, he mentioned the series of DC Universe Batwoman starring Ruby Rose (Orange is the New black), which follows a heroine sexodiversa lesbian.

And finally, the session digital Wunderman Thompson ended with one of the trends that the consultant believes will be expanding in the coming years, and it is the the gaming as a new source of entertainment. Stafford assured that the video game industry will lead to large sums of money as this form of entertainment becomes more inclusive: ‘The video game is one of the areas of the entertainment that faster has adapted. Today is far from being an area exclusively for men. We see constantly influencers who dedicate their lives to the world of gaming, among them, women, gay guys and people of the trans community’, he stressed.

The consultant said that the industry of gaming will report earnings in excess of 300 billion dollars by 2025.