Morat calls on fans to star in the music clip of “Never forgot”



The colombian band of pop music Morat, sent out a press release, through a video posted on his social network, in which Simon Vargas, a member of the band calls its fans to participate in the musical clip of you Never forgot it.

“We want to be part of the video clip you Never forgot, so I leave this video with the explanation. If you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments. We hope you can participate. We are very excited to see what they send us,” they wrote in the description.

“In this situation of the quarantine, we decided that we want to take a song and record the video with you, that you feel that they are part of what we do, because what they are, and in this case more than ever. We are going to take ‘you Never forgot’ and we’re going to do a clip in which you are going to be managers”, explained Simon.

“What we want to do is that you record with your cell phone, videos of between 15 and five seconds to illustrate certain parts of the letter. For example, the first sentence is ‘you cried first,’ and you think ‘tears remind me of the rain’ and if where you live is raining, then what you record in landscape and it works,” he added.

Finally, he explained how they will have to get the material: can Upload to YouTube their videos and send us the links, one for each video, send all the videos that you want to, open up to the possibility of doing what they want, we are very excited to see what they send us,” he said.

“It has been a strange situation, complex, difficult for many. Let’s play a little bit, the idea is to do something fun for all at the end. I send you many many kisses, we can’t wait to see what we come out. Soon your videos will be somewhere with our music behind,” he added in closing.

The followers of the band, were not slow to express, between comments, their excitement for the call: “That dynamic is so cool, we love that we include a form so unique in their projects. It is time that everything that goes through our head when we hear the song, to become reality. Thank you for including us,” wrote some of internet users around the announcement.