Netflix: Films of self-love you will value you more


If there is something that we have taught you the movies, is that, in life, nothing is impossible. And although many times we set ourselves the obstacles that prevent us from achieving our dreams, through fiction we can open our eyes and realize how great we are. These films of self-love of Netflix, you will value you more.

The selection of movies from Netflix we’ll show below, contain stories of situations that are very attached to reality, and that it is always possible to come out triumphantlyif we trust in ourselves.

Movies that will strengthen your own love

Think No more, and take advantage of this Holy Week to aventarte a megamaratón with these incredible productions that will draw a smile on the face and make you yell to yourself: I can do it myself!.

Jody is the girl more high school, but that does not prevent him from falling in love with a handsome student that is involved in a love triangle. However, after a period of time, taking account of the insecurities about your height you have never been allowed to know what is truly valuable that is.

Wellowdean is a young woman who does not have the perfect figure, and is the daughter of a former beauty queen, played by Jennifer Aniston. At the urging of his mother to change his image, the young man nicknamed Dumplin, defies her mother by enrolling in a beauty contest. Surprisingly, other girls begin to imitate her.

Julia Roberts stars in this rewarding story in which Liz Gilbert had everything that anyone would want in life: a husband, a house and a successful career. But one day he realizes that in reality is another thing that you need to, so that puts an end to her marriage, and embarks on a fascinating journey of self-discovery by the world.

Ellen, played brilliantly by Lily Collins, which does not conform with your body, you have anorexia severe, which leads her to stay in a recovery house, a doctor is not conventional.

  • Sierra Burgess is a loser

Sierra Burgess had never had luck in love, until one day, circumstances led her to join the student more popular of the high school they attended, to try and win the heart of an attractive young man, played by Noah Centineo.

Emilia Clarke plays an extravagant, zany and very cheerful young girl, Louisa Clark, who by boutonnieres of the target arrives at work to a million-dollar residence, where you will be in charge of a young millionaire who became a paraplegic after an accident. Despite the resistance of the young, is gradually establishing a closer connection between them. (Prepare the tissues).