Nike learns the lesson and is protecting Alex Morgan with a contract that covers the start of her maternity


Had already reculado after having been placed in the disparadero by the complaints of several athletes, including american Alysia Montaño, Kara goucher college or Allyson Felix, to be penalized nothing more to get pregnant, reducing or terminating their contracts automaticallybut now Nike has taken it a step further. Before it seemed to be a company faithful defender of women and feminism, encouraging women athletes and to all in general to put aside the complacency and fight for their dreams, breaking down barriers, and now it seems that he preaches with the example.

And is that according to the confession of the soccer players Alex Morgan, in an extensive article published in the magazine ‘Glamour’ the star of the selection american, who will give birth this month to her first child, has signed a new contract with the multinational ‘privileges’ that were hitherto almost unimaginable for an athlete. “My previous contract had ended and we have just signed another for a long period. The truth is that I are already supporting a lot.” According to revealed, this agreement, among other things contains a special clause, the guaranteed payment in the next 18 months, you will receive yes or yes, regardless of if you return to compete at that time or not.

The idea of the front, one of the best players on the planet, was to give birth and start right after a preparation express to be able to go to the Games in the best possible way. In fact, she had planned her pregnancy after the conclusion of the World Cup achieved last summer in France, to be able to fulfill both his desire to be a mother and go to Tokyo. Without giving up anything. But the coronavirus has stood in his way.

Now, after the Olympics have delayed officially until 2021, with more time to get in tune, and above all to enjoy their small. But the stress that she would live then, in those three months once released motherhood, is now living, by the uncertainty that causes him or her to give light in the midst of the alarm healthwithout knowing if her husband, also a footballer Servando Carrasco, you can be at your side during labor and delivery. “No woman should be forced to spend for the moment more intense, painful and beautiful of your lives without your partner to the side. These changes have caused a huge unnecessary anxiety for mothers”, stated in their social networks, revealing also that your initial idea is that of giving birth without any type of painkiller. “I’ve been through many sports injuries are important and I have suffered a lot of pain, but I know that nothing is going to be like childbirth. I feel that if I do not feel that I will never know really whether I am able to do it.”

Help to other athletes

In the interview published in ‘Glamour’ Morgan confessed, also, that in a few months will launch a new platform with the goal of providing support to women athletesgiving different stories. “I do not recall having been informed about the discrimination suffered by girls and women in sports when they are young, but now I see little girls with signs that claim that thanks to me they have a better future. I can’t wait to share all of that with my daughter and I can tell by what took mom to fight.”