Not only Kylie Jenner, also Danna Paola is bored at home


If Danna is bored, imagine us

Danna Paola has been more active in social networks that when he was a meme and since the quarantine has shown you how to pass the days locked up and in a photo of Instagram he confessed that he’s bored “a little bit”.

As well as a lot of people, to Danna Paola also hit the blemish of Tik Tok, and now it goes dancing “Bad Reputation” in its different versions, or doing lip sync.

However, all this has been enough to not get bored of being in his house, for through a photo in Instagram he confessed that it also gives roe to be in your garden (because she has) by taking the sun and feeling the wind or swimming in your pool.

And he wrote that:

I get bored a little bit…”

Danna Paola is going on the quarantine between the Internet and thinking of new music, but not only that. Well then show off a dance for the year of his most famous song, yes, that song, the one criticized.

This because I had a nail and commented that I wanted to learn a “new craft” so someone sent him a complete set to learn the beautiful art of doing nails that soprendan all.