Oh Look, Angelina! Jennifer Aniston confessed everything he does to freak out to Brad Pitt… It Burns!


It is easy to ensure that Jennifer Aniston is maintained in such a way as they met their fans, even though they have spent more than 30 years of the recording of the successful series of which it formed part.

However, this is not due solely to the genetics of the talented star Friends, but to the strict diet you are undergoing it which, combined with an arduous exercise routine, it is able to have the figure that goes mad at everyone, including his rumored present boyfriend, Brad Pitt.

Just look at the photo viral that was taken the talented star american next to Brad Pitt in January, to discover the marking that keeps your belly, always revealing an intact silhouette.

In when to customs at the time of exercise, the most famous forget about this part and put emphasis only on lower body and abs, but Aniston it is the exception.

Sources close to the rival Angelina Jolie’sassured in its moment, “Rachel,” train your body with boxing, and breaks the stereotypes.

The good thing about this practice that makes the ex-wife of Pittis that in addition to the tremendous physical change that undergoes the body, it provides greater security by having techniques of self-defense, especially if it is some attack from the character of Maleficent.

On the other hand, the reflexes clearly, being able to have a better concentration in almost all areas of life… Bravo! for that Jennifer!