Olympic games: Simone Limitations exceeded tears by the postponement, and goes for more glory in Tokyo 2021


Source: Reuters

Simone Days

began to cry when she learned of the postponement of

Tokyo 2020

. The gymnast most important in the history of the united States and one of the largest in the world thought to retire after the big event. The deferral of the Olympic Games because of the pandemic of coronavirus for July next year, despite the difficulties they pose for her, she will not put a brake on its ambition. Bill wants to continue making history.

All the plasticity of Days


Bill learned of the suspension on full routine of training. “I was at the gym and when I went to the locker room between rotations I saw the message. I didn’t know what to feel. I sat down and cried, but in the end it was the best decision. We have to make sure that everyone in the united States and around the world are healthy and out of danger. It was hard, but it’s okay,” he said in an interview with the Today show for NBC on Wednesday.

With 23 years recently turned (march 14), Bill is prepared to increase their cabinets, which include five olympic medals (four gold and a bronze in Rio in 2016), and 26 World Championships, including 19 gold (world record). Beyond these achievements, Bottlenecks became an iconic figure in the history of artistic gymnastics, which propelled the sport to a level of popularity unusual.

Days, world champion: here, with their medals of Stuttgart 2019
Days, world champion: here, with their medals of Stuttgart 2019

So great is their mastery of the specialty to which the Federation International of Gymnastics (IGF) the illegal, degrading the score of one of the elements presented and that other gymnasts were not trained to run in the World championship in Stuttgart 2019.

The decision to delay their retirement, even with all the glory that you have ahead of you, it was not so simple. “Physically I have no doubt that my coaches I’m going to put it back in shape. But mentally, to follow a year more, I think that’s what I’m going to take a toll on me and the whole team. We have to be prepared mentally as well as physically.”

Another sample of the talent of Simone Days


Bill claims to be one of the victims of Lawrence G. Nassar, the coach, arrested for having abused more than 200 gymnasts, and is faced with USA Gymnastics and the olympic committee north american (USOPC). Your time, living daily with painful lesions on the fingers of your feet: one is split into five parts, and never will heal completely and another is cracked.

Despite the lethal effects of the coronavirus Covid-19 all over the world, the organization of the Tokyo 2020 newly provided for the postponement of the Games on the 24th of march, a vagueness which angered many athletes. The new date was set to be held between July 23 and August 8, 2021.

Source: Reuters

For a gymnast, whose career tends to begin in teen age, and rarely beyond 20 years by a matter of physical development and flexibility, a year can be a huge difference. Days, the world champion, aged 19 in 48 years, is an exception to this rule. If the 24 manages to successfully defend the gold in the All-Around, will be the longest to do this since Cáslavská won it in Mexico 68, at 26.

More glory looms in your horizon, although this is not something that passes through your head. “I feel that I do not know much of the history of gymnastics, so every time you break a record or win another medal, I don’t know the history behind it,” said Bill.

After winning five gold in Rio, equalling the record for the same Game four other gymnasts (the Romanian Ecaterina Szabo in 1984, the soviet Larisa Latynina in the 1956, the Hungarian Agnes Keleti in 1956 and the czechoslovakian Vera Cáslavská in 1968), Simone Days it took nearly two years sabbatical to relax and prepare the best way for Tokyo. You must now re-plan the preparation, with the difficulties involved in the isolation forced by the pandemic.

“I am in contact with my coaches via text messages and FaceTime to see which is the best decision and put together a plan looking to next year,” said Bill. “Apart from that, they sent us exercises to do at home. I’m just trying to keep in shape before returning to the gym and start the whole process again.”

The flame of Days is still on. Tokyo 2021 thanks.