Pandemic Covid-19 can be finished with the film


An industry on the brink of the abyss

Mariano Barroso, president of the Film Academy, says that at these times; it must not be forgotten that what is most important; are the deaths due to the pandemic of the Covid-19, and the sick. True. In Spain there have already been over 10,000 dead, a figure distressing that will continue to grow, but the necessary confinement is wiping out entire industries, like the film, both in its production as in its exhibition and distribution.

While in other countries, has reacted quickly with aid and loans; in Spain the Ministry of Culture and Sport; not just to implement the measures that these days he has negotiated with the industry; that has left you with a bitter taste in the mouth.

Listen to them and be consulted with, but…; While it celebrates the success of The pit, the last winner of the festival of Sitges; its opening in the platform Netflix, is not occurring next to The hole, obviously; but it also is trying to shore up the foundation brittle audiovisual culture; just at the time that more is being consumed.

That is why, every day in the supplement Babelia of The Country, we recommend a movie, and in the Culture section of recommend a plan online audio-visual.

And it’s going to be a long quarantine; in China, the cinemas opened… and went back to close. We hope to all be together again in this newsletter in the coming week. A lot of luck.

The coronavirus against the culture

Public institutions, private institutions, companies, freelancers… all areas of a sector which amount to 2.5% of GDP suffer from paralysis or are threatened by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic

The Government launches aids that can accommodate the culture, but postponed the adoption of specific measures

Extends to one year the period in which the self-employed in the cultural sector will be able to prove the reduction of income and funding. The Film Academy calls a “table of reconstruction of the cultural industries”

The San Sebastian Festival will share with the Zurich a market for films of previous tournaments cancelled.

The cancellation this spring, Tribeca, and SXSW drives a new section for the industry to be able to see the films that were there scheduled in the Spanish festival and the swiss.

Éric Rohmer, the living-dead

The legacy of the French director cobra new forms in contemporary cinema, despite the discreet centenary of his birth

A street stopped in 1942

The confinement paralyze the filming of a movie in Paris and the decor remains as the vestige of another era. A street stopped in 1942.

Five weapons of James Bond stolen in London

The loot includes pistols used by Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan in ‘Die another day’, ‘Live and let die’ and ‘a view to a kill’.

The criticisms of the week

‘Seberg: beyond the cinema’

The history of the actress is one of the saddest of the film and unfortunately this is not the first time someone gets to the very heart of her as if she were a mere fetish

‘Knife & Heart’

A movie within the other ones in a sort of doll matrioska ‘queer’ and with open nostalgia for the aesthetics ‘camp’

‘The lady and the tramp’

At Disney they don’t understand that too many times the showmanship with the tools has nothing to do with the art

The Country of TCM

Al Pacino: the 80 years of a legend of the cinema. Throughout the month of April, TCM is celebrating the protagonist of ‘The godfather’ with the emission of some of his best movies.

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