Places to return to after the crisis of coronavirus: St. Tropez, the myth that never ends


Symbol of the joie de vivre French, has managed to remain at the vacation spot, ms desired through out the decades

Updated 06/04/2020 11:30

St Tropez sounds in the memory associated with a song of Franoise Hardy or Marie Laforetand the image of Brigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim beautiful as animals until recently. But this place mgico of the Costa Azul is not stayed stuck in the osa 60 and has continued to attract the rich and famous from all over the world. And even now invades the tourism of brilli brilli never cease to be a myth. The book St. Tropez Soleil we what account.

Often Saint Tropez has been described as a “small fishing village” ” who drank pastis in the taverns of the Vieux Port. But it is much more than that. Or the set of cobbled streets where today, walking characters such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna, or Paris Hilton.

Not only because for over two centuries it was a republic with its own army, remember Patrice de Colmont, legendary owner of the Club 55 on the beach of Pampelonne and the author of the prlogo del book St. Tropez Soleil (Assouline)signed by Simon Liberati. But because there is a legin of beautiful places around that all together form, says, “the pas St. Tropez”: the villa of Ramatuelle with their viedos, pine forests and the beach of Pampelonne; Gassinlocated on top of a rock, vigilant, La Croix-Valmerwith its villas and hotels Belle poque; Cogolin and their accredited craftsmen; The Mle and its medieval castle where Antoine de Saint-Exupry pas your childhood; Grimaudgroves; Collobrires and the carthusian monastery of La Verne or the fortress saracen of La Garde-Freinet.

To the contrary of what he thinks of St. Tropez could not be out of fashion when Roger Vadim film all And God created the womanbut in the spring of 1887, when the writer Guy de Maupassant arrib with his yacht, Bel Ami, and continue your beauty in Pars.

And as he became a beacon which attracted, for good or for bad, the personalities of different a few; writers from Franoise Sagan Boris Vian or Colette; artists such as Paul Signac, Henri Matisse or Picassolike the peculiar mnage trois formed by Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and Claude Lanzmann; people of the film and the music as Juliette Grco, Orson Welles, Grard Philipe. Franoise Sagan the logr immortalize in Bonjour tristesse, the novel that became a star of the literary to 18 years, but I decided to leave when, from the balcony of the Htel du Punch, I discovered that a dozen yachts had entered the port.

The father of Colmont is falls in love of this region and in 1947 construy three cabaas on a beach so secluded, that were the origin of the Club’s 55 years later. However Saint-Tropez would never have been so well known had it not been for Brigitte Bardot, their films, their lovers… and other couples celebrated as Bianca and Mick Jagger, we were married here.

In 1956 estren And God created the woman, filmed by Roger Vadim, who became Saint-Tropez into a symbol of freedom in post-war France. And his protagonist, Brigitte Bardot, the best ambassador of the place before the whole world. In your home The Mandrague organiz legendary parties with actors such as Jean-Paul Belmondo or Alain Delon, who also rod The pool in Saint-Tropez with her then partner, Romy Schneider.

In the nineties, the so-called soires blanches the mogul Eddie Barclay, parties, requiring the attendees to dress in white, went Jack Nicholson, Barbra Streisand, Elton John and Rod Stewart. In its decade of five-star hotels continue to be hosted today’s celebrities of our little like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie,when they were a couple, Beyonc and Jay Z, David and Victoria Beckham or Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, members of the Club 55, one of the meeting points ms exclusive, along with the VIP Room or Les Caves du Roy, located in the mtico Byblos Hotel.

Remember the author, Simon Liberati, which, in contrast with his childhood in the Vieux Port, where his mother cooked soupe au pistouthe last summer he came to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Htel Byblos aboard a yacht of 65 meters property of a celebritie india dressed in a white skin, who spoke with Christian Louboutain. “This natural blend of espadrillas and skins, makeup and swimsuits, garlic, and cocaine, superyacht and tartanas, countrymen provencal and jet-set expats, corrupt, and naives, it is not new”, explains.

The book St. Tropez Soleil, leads us to participate in annual events such as Les Bravades and Les Voiles or to exclusive events Chanel in the Tropezian Snquier caf or the White Party at Nikki Beach that started Naomi Campbell. Through the time the spirit of Saint-Tropez, persists as a place where to celebrate the joy of living.

The author of the book, Simon Liberati, is a journalist and writer French, who has worked for publications such as Purple, Numro or 20 Ans. He has written books like Jayne Mansfield 1967 (2011), which won the Prix Femina, and the best-seller Eva (2015).

“I Love St. Tropez and this region. Unfortunately, I am not the only one…” writes Colmont, that begs its visitors and lovers that will allow St. Tropez remains a paradise on earth.

St. Tropez Soleil. Simon Liberati. Editions Assouline ( Price, 95 euro.