Prince Royce and Emeraude Toubia rise the temperature in Instagram



The singer Prince Royce and the actress Emeraude Toubia have been inspired to make this Monday a challenge to Flip the Switch that hits the social networks in front of the bathroom mirror of their house. It is the same challenge that succeeded in making viral a few weeks ago Jennifer Lopez and her fiance Alex Rodriguez, and, since then, they have been at the height of the circumstances.

Emeraude has proven his talent as a dancer moving their hips to the rhythm of the song of Quavo and Drake that has inspired the video of fashion TikTok, sheathed addition on a pajama very sexy maroon.

The most fun part has starred in her famous husband at the key moment, when the light is turned off momentarily and, when it is switched on again, they exchanged clothes. As much as Emeraude is most favoured with her outfit that he’s with her, it is clear that Prince Royce knows how to move with a lot of ease.

The marriage is rarely lavish in their respective social networks because they have always valued their privacy above everything else, but this week they gave their fans two rare publications in which they appear together.

The second can be found in the profile of Emeraude, where they have shared a version a cappella of the song ‘Red’ for J Balvin that shows that Prince Royce is not the only one with a talent for music in your home.