Quarantine coronavirus: the key to Nick Drake to explore the deeper emotions


Why do you recommend it? Because the music of Nick Drake transmitted a special sensitivitygood to connect with our inner selves and join forces to continue with this necessary period of quarantine.

So little known in his time and so talented; singer and composer Nick Drake (1948-1974) long after his untimely death he obtained a just recognition of his music and from where he jumped to be an artist of cult, something absolutely expected.

His career began with a delicate work Five Leaves Left (1969), and although in his time he was treated with indifference, and only the magazine Melody Maker defined it as “poetic and interesting” it took time to perceive its beauty. From the very beginning, Drake had a specific language built from folk music with lyrics original and creative melodic at the time of writing. Go in defense of this blatant neglect, which were years with a lot of music and an intense artistic renewal that he sometimes found the audience looking the other way.

In the end, what is certain is that Drake debuted with an album as varied as it is valuable. A music intimist with silence and a form of phrase that leaves the feeling of not finished telling the story, lengthening a long syllable end of each phrase. A music in the that we are the recipient but leaves us in the place of spectators.

The arrangements of strings Five Leaves Leftwritten by Robert Kirby (a friend of Drake university, with no experience of record), create an atmosphere that deepen the emotional tone of the melodies without falling into the edulcoramiento. “The strings should not overwhelm or sound corny”was the only indication that the artist made for his friend and did so.

In Way to Blueone of the more well-known topics of Drake, the strings emphasize the cadence of the voice without to invade rather to make the times of a chorus that emphasizes the nuances of the story. Cello Song it is a piece of a melody that is transparent, agile, based on an arpeggio of Drake on guitar that has as an answer the phrasing of the cello. Perfect. River Manthe central theme of the album, brings together the warmth of your voice with a string arrangement, captivating.

This is the cover of the album “Five Leaves Left”, by Nick Drake.

Day Is Done follows the same path, the voice leans on the ropes to bring to light this ongoing look kinda disappointed “There is not now time for a new start/ Now, the party is over”. Man In A Shed have an introduction of bass and a swing more to this mounted on the piano in this song tone autobiographical.

The album closes with the cadence of Saturday Sun, a ballad that breaks with something of all that sorcery woven throughout the album, although the initial tone hopeful to be sceptical toward the end of the story: “The sun Saturday turned to rain Sunday/ Sunday sat in the Saturday and wept for a day gone”.

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