Quibi prepares to launch streaming service the nomad in the US in full confinement


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Los Angeles (AFP)

With half of the planet bordered by the coronavirus, the new streaming platform Quibi try to revolutionize the entertainment industry to the launch on Monday in the united States your service is “nomadic” in short videos for mobile phones, but “with the quality of Hollywood”.

Attracted by this innovative project, and the billions of dollars promised by Quibi, star of the big screen and television strove to produce films and series. Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon are some of the names in the project.

All the content of Quibi is transmitted in chunks of ten minutes maximum, as snacks. The contents are produced in vertical format and horizontal, automatically switching from one to the other, to the taste of the viewer.

The technology and the concept have been perfectly calibrated for use “nomad” on mobile devices, which may not be the ideal format for the confinement current.

Quibi, which had anticipated the launch of its service on April 6, kept their plans without being sure of what the future holds.

“I honestly don’t know, because the launch comes at a time when no equivalent,” said the executive director of Quibi, Meg Whitman, to the AFP. “I don’t think anyone has experienced something like this,” said the exjefa eBay.

The idea is to captivate the active young people that are likely to consume a bite or two of ten minutes on public transportation or during your break for a coffee.

Although the pandemic coronavirus has interrupted these daily habits, the leaders of Quibi believe that the closure also may be consistent with such a need.

“People still have moments of transition, one that is simply different,” says Whitman, citing the example of a father who seeks to relieve the tension between the two sessions of education home for your children.

“I spend the life in Zoom (video conferencing platform). But if I had ten or fifteen minutes between two calls here and there, you would see Quibi,” says Meg Whitman.

– USD 100,000 the minute –

Quibi will offer a catalog of varied and attractive: 50 programs available from the first day, and 175 original creations guaranteed for its first year, said Whitman.

If Hollywood stars have responded, it’s mainly thanks to the presence of Jeffrey Katzenberg, former Disney (1984-1994), and co-creator of Dreamworks studios, on the origin of Quibi.

Films as the psychological thriller “Survive”, with the star of “Game of Thrones” Sophie Turner and “Most Dangerous Game” with Liam Hemsworth are part of what we will find the earliest subscribers.

Some episodes will be available at launch, but the rest of it dosificará at the rate of one per day, with the idea of keeping the spectators in suspense as in the old days of television.

Other programs are already planned until the fall, but the rest is uncertain, given that Hollywood has been detained since the start of the pandemic.

To retain subscribers, Quibi will also have news, sports programs and entertainment, a type of content that is difficult to produce while the studies remain closed.

The subscription to Quibi will cost 5 dollars per month with advertising, or $ 8 without notices.

Taking into account the economic difficulties arising from the crisis of health, the platform increased its offer of proof from two weeks to 90 days.

Quibi will seek to tempt the young with the quality of your content is to let YouTube, TikTok or Instagram, with free content but usually fans. So what did HBO at the time to compete with the traditional channels.

“We pay up to $ 100,000 per minute for our films,” said Whitman. The budget is comparable to that of the main productions of Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Max or Disney +.

But Quibi don’t see them as rivals, but as his ambition is to become “the new wave of entertainment,” said the executive director. “There were movies, there was television, then streaming. And now perhaps there is a new way of telling stories in mobile with Hollywood-quality”, he concluded.