Quibit: how is the new streaming service exclusive to cell


The panorama streamer was missing an option, and Jeffrey Katzenberg -one of the heads co-founder DreamWorks– arrived to fill that void with “Quibi”platform video on demand almost exclusive to enjoy from the comfort of your phone, with content brief and in the display format that you like (that is, vertical or horizontal). From today, Quibi is already available as an app around the world, but don’t be misled because after the first three months free, access to the catalog will have your cost -depending on the package you choose, five dollars the basic and eight without ads – and ads, the real letdown of this service. Yes, it has subtitles in Spanish.

The idea of this project that was finalized in August 2018, together with the CEO Meg Whitman, is to conquer young audiences who lose interest easily. For that reason, most of the contents does not exceed ten minutes in length -episodes that are known as “quick bites”– whether works of fiction, sports programs or news, among many others. Those “others” include a multi-million dollar investment (over billion dollars) to generate original programming -some 175 shows and 8,500 episodes during the first year, leaving investors such as The Walt Disney Company, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, WarnerMedia, Liberty Global, ViacomCBS and Alibaba Group, all the greats of Hollywood.

This service in the best style fast food audio-visual that you try to add a different proposition to a market that is crowded, proposes to consume your content in those five or ten minutitos free you are in the potholes of your day, perhaps a trip on a public bus or in the queue to pay the bills. In addition to choosing the format, you can also select the speed of viewingalthough we do not understand why anyone in their right mind would like to hasten or slow down what you are looking at. But that is the fun of Quibi, explore your way.

Going to the important thing, we can say that the material is divided into three main categories: Movies in Chapters (movies and chapters), these “big” stories divided into episodes of between seven and ten minutes. Unscripted and Docs (without script and documentary), same format for programs of diverse content, whether it be food, fashion, travel, cars, music, comedy and variety. Daily Essentials (daily essentials), content is “cured” by the platform so you don’t miss anything important in the world of entertainment and news.

What can you see from today? Among the Movies in Chapters: “Most Dangerous Game” with Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz; the thriller “When the Streetlights Go On”, “Survive” with Sophie Turnerand the comedy “Flipped”with Will Forte and Kaitlin Olson. Jennifer Lopez and Kristen Bell are some of the celebrities that donate thousands of dollars for a good cause and plan to “pay it forward” in “Thanks a Million”one of the many programs without the script. Sumale the return of “Punk’d”a new version of the classic MTV with Chance the Rapper and “Murder House Flip”, a craze of ‘innovative homes’ that messes with houses that were witness of events rather tragic or controversial.

The list is huge and already you can start to discover it each time you about for a while, meanwhile we can tell you that it will come “The Stranger”created by Veena Sud (“The Killing”), with Dane DeHaan; “Spielberg”s After Dark”series , horror master Steven that can only be see during the night; “Kill the Efrons”, a reality show starring Zac Efron and his brother wandering in the most remote places in the world; more projects Guillermo del Toroa new version of “The Fugitive” and “Crazy Talented”a strange story of superheroes directed by Doug Liman (“Unknown Identity”). Of all and for all tastes.

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