Rihanna agrees to help millionaire to victims of domestic violence and in addition to the CEO of Twitter to your cause | Shows Despierta America


in miami.

famous, also, provide your

granite of sand to fight

the covid19, of this speak

subsequently. guys,


karla: there are many who are

add to this cause, rihanna

continues to demonstrate its great

coraón, after making several

donations million for

to combat the coronavirus,

again agree to

donate 2 million ólares

for the ictims of violence

doésticas, affected during

is quarantine.

as many of you know, there are children and

women at this time are

living with their abusers.

carlos: definitely a

great decisón of rihanna, which

convencó the ceo of twitter and

donaán two . a million each

one for a total of 4.2, and

this with the purpose of providing

for the ictims of violence

doéstica . more awesome, what

this making jack durtsy,

these celebrities can

getting to these millionaires.

this man, with a fortune

immense, is donating 1 bilón

of ólares, which is a third

of his wealth to support the

fight against coronavirus,he

he says that when this is

to finish, you are going to touch the

income universal basque, this

soil you want in the

the great entrepreneurs that the

government this giving, we costaá

a third of his wealth


karla: god gives you what returns with

more than. if you were

seeing, if it is íctima of

violence, a reporter, not