Rihanna already has more hits on the charts than The Beatles or JAY-Z


We assume that one must feel quite proud to overcome in numbers to other artists, and even more if these are as Jay-Z and, above all, the legendary and iconic The Beatles. And is that to much to you can be accustomed to the fame, the records and the money, that rush should be worthy of mention.

The thing is that Rihanna it takes a long time -too long – to get new music, to the point that almost any information related to the process of recording was going to be more than relevant.

Only we knew a hype (and interest) so much of the media for new music from an artist in the five years that passed between ‘Thriller’ and ‘Bad’ of Michael Jackson, thing that happened between 1982 and 1987.

Few artists remain relevant after years of barely any music

And is that despite this break, your status has not decreased (as tends to happen with other artists, whose interest begins to wane), but rather the opposite.

Your theme called ‘Believe it’ in collaboration with PARTYNEXTDOOR is now in the post 23 the Hot 100 of Billboard, and you can still keep climbing.

Translated, that means that Rihanna has achieved throughout his career (and is still young enough to add many more hits in that list) 51 songs inside the top 40, overcoming your own mentor (Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z), but also to the Beatles.

Almost nothing. Another detail quite curious is that, despite its age, the artist has already had numbers one in three decades: 2000, 2010 and 2020.

There are artists whose strategy (we assume set by their advisors) is to stay in the mouth of all on the basis of never stop making new music, creating new contents and headlines and news. Only those who are considered to be truly relevant they are able to endure years of being interesting to the people even without the need to create new material.

And of course, when that happens most races to hear that new song or album. A technique hazardous to Rihanna not only went well, but it does demonstrate that his condition -and the image most people have of her – is very above many of the artists with which it supposedly competes.

To continue doing history.

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