Rihanna, awarded by PETA for collection cruelty-free


The collection award-winning includes a dress style corset, a skirt and shirts, among other apparel.

“Rihanna deserves a standing ovation for this stunning collection cruelty-free,” he said in a statement the senior vice president of PETALisa Lange.

“With its new collection of vegan, Rihanna shows you how easy it is to create an amazing look, without dying any animal”, he added.

A video that shows PETA on producer of leather to the world’s largest revealed the cruelty suffered by the animals whose skins are employed to make garments: the cows and bulls are marked in the face, receiving electric shocks, and beaten before being killed for its skin.

In addition, the organization argues that this process leads to damage to the medioamente, then convert the skin of an animal into leather requires the use of chemicals (including cyanide), and produces enormous amounts of carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change.

PETA, whose motto defends the position that: “the animals are not to clothe us with them”, is opposed to speciesism, which proposes a vision of the supremacy of human beings over the animal kingdom. In this way, the organization argues that the animals are not inferior to humans.

Rihanna joins the long list of stars who have used materials vegans in their fashion collections. Others that have done so are Serena Williams, Rooney Mara, RZA and Jessica Simpson.

For more information on the work of the organization, please visit PETA.org or PETALatino.com.