Salma Hayek shows photo of the beginnings of his career and struck by how little that changed


The actress has always been one of the most beautiful women on film.

SET Puebla News

Salma Hayek is without a doubt one of the actresses with more portfolio of Hollywood. The mexican has spent several years within the industry, from its beginnings in soap operas to be nominated for an Oscar, Salma has done it all.

In recent months, he was invited to the ceremony of the Academy Awards by presenting one of the categories, there highlighted with its beauty and left it to his fans to head to your eternal youth.

The latter was verified with a photo that the actress recently posted on her account Instagram, where it appears in what seems to be a red carpet of one of his films several years ago, with a sensual white dress and striped blue and green, revealing a pronounced cleavage.

“TBT” you placed the image, in which they note how little has changed Salma Hayek with the passing of the years. He looks very similar to today.

After Frida, Salma has been dedicated to positioning his place in Hollywood with blockbusters such as ‘children’. You will also be in the next film of Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ on the side of figures like Angelina Jolie, a very big step for the mexican being the first latina in the saga of superheroes.