Sean Paul discovers that his viral challenge ‘Get Busy’ to be ‘strange’


The rapper jamaican Sean Paul has been in the music industry for decades. His voice and unique style has become recognizable all over the world, and their songs have been played in dance halls, bars and clubs millions of times. The co-workers of Paul, which include artists of the first line as Akon, Shaggy, Beyonce, Dua Lipa and David Guetta.

After experiencing a recent massive resurgence of his career, Paul is gaining a new prominence with the younger generation, especially after the viral challenge “Get Busy” started to make waves on the Internet. Even so, Paul is a little unsure about the challenge and recently admitted he found it all a little “strange”.

How did famous Sean Paul?

Sean Paul | Dave J Hogan / .

Sean Paul Francis Henriques was born in Jamaica in 1973. Paul was a young athletic and sporty, and with many of their family members as professional swimmers, he was attracted by the water sports, including water polo.

In the mid-nineties, Paul started to get involved in the music business after being discovered by a producer at an event open mic.

Paul became a local star in Jamaica and worked in clubs there for a few years, honing both his sound as his presence on the stage. In the year 2000, he released his debut album, Stage One.

From there, the fans around the world started to take conscience of Paul, and his songs, including such hits as “Baby Girl” and “Gimme the Light” became very popular. The most successful of Paul to date was “Get Busy” 2004, and upon his release, found himself more famous than ever. Along the decade of 2000, Paul continued writing and releasing new music, including albums, Dutty Rock, The Trinity and Imperial Blaze.

The work of Sean Paul in the past few years.

Although the full-length album latest Sean Paul was Full Frequency 2014, has been active in the music industry and has collaborated with many renowned musicians. At the end of 2016, he collaborated with the artist Dua Lipa in the song “No Lie”, which became a popular song on the airwaves of radio and also appeared on their EP.

Paul worked with the controversial and mysterious artist Sia in 2017 in their song “Cheap Thrills”. That song was also a resounding success, and even Paul was nominated for a Grammy award for best pop duo / performance group.

Some of the other artists with whom Paul has worked in recent years include: Drake, Snow and DJ Snake. More recently, Paul released the song “Calling on Me”.

The song was released on February and was attended by the Swedish songwriter Tovo Lo. Although his new music has certainly called attention, is actually one of the older songs of Paul that makes people from all over the world to join in a new viral challenge.

Why Sean Paul will seem strange the challenge of “Dealing with”?

In the last few weeks, the challenge to “take Care” has been circulating on TikTok and YouTube.

The dance presents to people following the success of Paul in 2004’s “Get Busy”, doing the dance moves difficult, in rapid succession. The challenge has become very popular, and even celebrities such as Jessica Alba have joined. Even so, Paul is not quite sure what to think about it.

As he admitted in a recent interview, now is getting in on various social networking platforms. When he first saw the challenge, “take Care”, he thought: “it Is strange, especially because people ask me:” do you know Who made this remix? “I have No idea!” He said that he thinks that the challenge is “fun”, and I never expected one of their songs became so popular in TikTok.

With a new album which will be released at the end of this year, and a world tour bulk almost underway, it is best for Paul to get used to all the benefits that the greatest fame has to offer, including the challenges of social networks.