Sean Penn will build a test center for the coronavirus in Los Angeles


The actor and his foundation CORE are building this center to the east of the californian city to be able to do testing mass.

We are not saying anything, but you can that Sean Penn is a better politician than most of the class global leader. It is the veteran Hollywood actor is in the news for abirr a new test center of coronavirus in east Los Angeles, in a humble area, and predominantly latino, where people will be able to be controlled from their cars. The help of the entertainment industry comes at the height of the pandemic in the united States.

The work is in conjunction with the municipal police of the californian city and thanked the winner of the Oscar for the important help. “Thanks to Sean Penn and to the volunteer CORE for partnering with us to raise up a place of testing of the Covid-19 in the east of The Ángeles”, tweeted the deputy mayor of Los Angeles, Jeff Gorellextending the gratitude to the charitable organization of Penn, the Community Organized Relief Effort (in English, “Community organized efforts for relief”).

According to what you posted from CORE, it is working “to promote testing of Covid-19 secure and efficient among the vulnerable populations of Los Angeles“to provide, and a space (which is still unknown) in order to ensure access to the tests, especially in areas where the population does not have the resources. This collaboration with the latino community and marginal is in line with the powerful ideology of the actor, famous for his stance of the left.


Credit: CORE

Fortunately, Penn is not alone. The singer and actress Rihanna donated US$ 5 million dollars for charities in emerging countries, and organizations that gather food. The very Arnold Schwarzenegger worked with a million dollars to the Frontline Responders via GoFundMe. Fund Kim Kardashian and her sister Kyle Jenner donated a million dollars each. Donatella Versace and her daughter Allegra, donated over 200 thousand euros to the department of intensive care of the hospital, milan San Raffaele.

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