Seizes the united States of fans purchased by the Barbados


Seizes the united States of fans purchased by the Barbados

photo: news front

The Minister of Health and well-being of Barbados, Jeffrey Bostic, reported to local media that the government of Donald Trump seized 20 fans when they were sent to the caribbean nation by the pop star and his daughter native Rihanna.

He added that the equipment purchased by Rihanna “were seized in the united States and that his office is currently investigating how it happened and that’s going to happen, reflected the newspaper Barbados Today.

Said Bostic fans are one of the items most requested in the world today, and Barbados are simply struggling with the other 203 countries and territories around the world looking to ensure the greatest possible amount of these teams.

She noted that in these moments your country is not experiencing a shortage of fans, but this could change as it worsens the impact of the coronavirus. According to data from the Johns Hopkins University, until the time in Barbados the number of confirmed cases is 60.

photo: news front

Previously, the media in Canada, France and Germany reported that the united States was withholding medical supplies destined for those countries.

Canadian officials told a local environment of news that a large shipment of masks medical had been detained by us officials, and added that the two nations were negotiating the situation.

For its part, the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel reported that the protective masks for the police germans were “intercepted” by the united States, while French officials said that the management of Trump had taken a shipment of masks of China ordered by France.

The complaints occur when the united States has experienced a shortage of medical equipment needed in the midst of the pandemic. There are more than 368,000 cases confirmed in the country, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University.

In a response to the press two days ago, president Donald Trump said: “We are very disappointed with 3M (a us company in a chinese territory)… can sell to others, but they should take care of our country”, in the true spirit of the policy of First America First.

“If the people does not give us what we need for our people, we are going to be very hard,” said Trump, responding to a separate question on the pressure on 3M to prioritize the orders of the united States.

“We need masks, we don’t want other people to get it. We are using the Law of Defence Production with a lot of force. Sometimes directly, in many cases indirectly, only a threat is enough,” added Trump.

(source: news front)