Selena Gomez talks about her diagnosis with bipolar disorder



The singer us Selena Gomez, be honest together with the also singer and actress Miley Cyrus, to tell him that he’s learned not to fear her diagnosis with bipolar disorder, thus have information about the help to deal with it.

In his live broadcast, Bright Minded, Miley was invited to the singer of Lose you to love me, who at 27 years old revealed his illness. “I recently went to one of the best mental hospitals in north America, the hospital McClean, and after many years pass by a lot of different things I realized that I am bipolar,” said the singer.

The former girl Disney added that “when I got to know more information, really helped me. You can’t scare me once that I know,” referred to, who even recalled a story with his mom to take away the fear of thunderstorms.

Recently, Gomez made a donation to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she was diagnosed with Lupus in 2015, was transplanted kidney in 2017 and it became his base for the treatment of your mental health.

“I’m from Texas, just not knows how to talk about mental health, you have to look great. And then I see anger built up in children and adolescents, or in any young adult because I want both,” he said.

The singer made reference to the COVID-19 and the quarantine that has been in the home, so expressing concern about those who are leaving. “To see that there are people who do not take it seriously, it is difficult for me because I know that there are people in hospitals who are literally sacrificing their lives.”