Six comedies streaming to laugh with the star of grumpy appearance, Robert De Niro – Tvshow – 08/04/2020


These are things that happen and one must accept the cultural changes. If for a generation will always be the Vito Corleone young The Godfather 2 or Travis Brickle, the Vietnam veteran who is after her redemption in Taxi Driverfor those more recent, Robert De Niro it is the worst father-in-law of the world in the saga of The father of my girlfriend.

In Uruguay, for example, from weeks ago, one of his last films, The Intern (here it premiered as a Intern fashion), is comfortable in the Top 10 of the local trends of Netflix. It is rare to see the painted veteran De Niro, who is 76 years and two Oscars (none for a comedy) surrounded by films and series of Spanish and Turkish, it seems, is what it takes today in the country.

There are worse fates, of course, and De Niro, who has more than a half-century career, he looks pretty comfortable with that. A path so long as he, is not achieved without a couple of volantazos to recycle the sympathy of the public.

For this reason, and to continue to see the De Niro comedian who shines in The Interngo here for a list of how to laugh with an actor who is able to keep getting into a fear (if not to look at the recent The Irishman) but also rejoice for a while. And it is for this reason that we walk mentioning now.

My grandfather is a danger (2016)

Some are going to say that it is a little humiliating to see De Niro doing this but not the rubbish: it’s a comedy and light something rude that has good moments. And is Aubrey Plaza, which is always funny. De Niro is the grandfather most crazy in the world that hits the road with the grandchild, the more formal of the world (Zac Efron). On the way go to know and learning to be a little bit better because it is known that the comedies american always tend to lecture. There are those who will find it fun to De Niro doing and saying any thing but it is like everything it has to offer. Is on HBO in the service NSNow of a New Century and a Flow of Cablevisión and Clear Video.

It is well sympathetic, the truth, and do everything to be liked, a purpose well worthy for times like these. Premiered in theaters in 2015 and since then a long life in cable, is one of the most viewed today in Uruguay Netflix. You must want to say something. De Niro here he plays a septuagenarian who is employed as personal secretary of the editor of a website (Anne Hathaway) into a proof that there is always a new chance in life. What is going to happen, it is obvious, is that he will teach you some things in life that millennial malcriada. And so several generations of viewers are happy. Directs Nancy Meyers, which is a plus. It is on Netflix.

The big wedding (2013)

And it even has a romantic comedy which is a remake of a French comedy of which retains the same tone. De Niro is divorced from Diane Keaton, but made as if to follow together to go to the wedding of one of his children. It is a comedy very friendly between very rich people and problems are always solved, but it is a genre that always has followers. There are tangles and sympathetic De Niro making a character more “continental” than usual for him. And more with a cast that also are Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams. Is on the Fox service + NS Now of a New Century and a FLow of Cablevisión.

The premise is funnier than the movie, true, but there are those who will find charm in Sylvester Stallone and De Niro “revisiting” some of its most beloved characters. Are two boxers retired that left with a fight pending, and that no veterans are going to return to get in the ring. Although Rocky, the character’s iconic Stallone, has already been bastardeado repeatedly, it is rare to see De Niro taking advantage of her Jake La Motta of raging Bull. The presence of Kevin Hart and Alan Arkin provide the most funny of a movie pulling a forgettable but it does what it can. It is not so funny. It is on Netflix and Claro Video.

The family of my bride (2000).

Here was released as The family of my girlfriend and spawned two other films in addition to giving impetus to the parallel career as a funny thing to De Niro. Here is Jack Byrnes, the father-in-law is more frightening in the world, mainly to the poor Greg Focker, the male nurse that boyfriend of your daughter’s favorite. The father-in-law makes it all, including a lie detector to know him a little better. Like the best scene is the dinner that the poor Focker smashes the urn that holds the ashes of the grandmother. The exchange between Stiller and De Niro (who was nominated for a Golden Globe for this role) is so good that the idea is stretched by two more films (that are also to see), which were not so surprisingly funny but worked just as well. Is Clear Video, in the basic Flow of Cablevisión and for rent in NSNow of the New Century.

AnaIzame (1999). It was the first time that we learn that De Niro could be funny and even make fun of some of the stereotypes associated with their race. Here he plays a gangster who decides to go to a psychologist to deal with some anguish that inexplicably afflict it. It is the same idea that The Soprano but the script of Kenneth Lornegan (who later would win an Oscar for the Manchester by the sea), Peter Tolan and the director Harold Ramis, Billy Crystal as the therapist more frightened of the world and De Niro laughing at itself, it is a combination that works perfect. There was a sequel that maintained the grace and that is also to see. Is on HBO in the service NSNow of a New Century and a Flow of Cablevisión.