Son of CPF is rapa and comparing him with Britney Spears


MEXICO.— The desperation that represents quarantine for pandemic COVID-19, it can motivate us to do things we may regret later.

Perhaps this is the thought that you may now be passing him by the head to Alejandro Peña Pretelini, son of former pri Enrique Peña Nieto, who is to shave off without an apparent reason.

In social networks, users lor compared with singer Britney Spearswhen lived one of the darkest times of his career and ended rapándose.

Do you collapse like Britney?

Through a video the same Alexander shared their ‘stories’ of Instagram, you can see how it was without hair.

In the clip, the son of Enrique Peña Nieto, it shows a young man with a machine for cutting hair, it begins to pass through the head of Alexander.

While he stays still watching how to fall strands that was his hair.

In the video, it also appears his sister Paulina Peña Pretelini, who insisted on helping to rapar to his brother.

Why did he do that?

In the clip not specified by what is rapo, but it is believed that could have been a challenge that apparently prompted him to his sister Paulina Peña Pretelini.

Another detail that attracts attention is the number of young people who are in the place, and by the looks of it forgot the healthy distance recommended by the Government to prevent further spread of the COVID-19.- With information from Radio Formula

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