Supports Justin Bieber in interview that hurt Selena Gomez


“I felt that I respected her and I also had a lot of respect. As it is, she loved me, and see me with someone else hurt . To that add be sad. She went out and did things that made me hurt, and so as I grieved, I also did things that hurt him. Once the tour ended, we stopped talking completely, I was surprised too,” he revealed.

In addition, after what happened, warned him to Hailey that he could not assure you that we would be faithful, although I would try to find a new path.

“I said: ‘Look, I’m still hurt and I try to find my way. I’m not ready to make a promise. I just don’t want to tell you something and end up doing the opposite.’ I was in a moment where he had lived that before and I wanted to be as honest as possible with her. It was like: ‘I’m Not in a place in which you can be truly faithful’,” he concluded.

Justin Bieber had a relationship intermittent with Selena Gomez for six years, after their last breakup, the canadian committed with Hailey Baldwin in July of 2018, in order to finally get married in November of the same year.